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Product details PEL PRGD 6450 - GLASS DOOR Series Top Mount Refrigerator - 330 L - RED Rapid cooling designed Food-friendly cabinet


Product details Pel - Top Mount Refrigerator - PRGD-2550 - 10 Cft - 260 Litter High speed fan feature keeps your food cool all day long. Designed with material that keeps your food safe and protected.


Product details PEL Prl 2000- Life Series Top Mount Refrigerator - 168Ltr - Metallic Texture Grey Freeze ice in 25 minutes. 99% copper condenser. 9 cu ft. 10 years warranty.

PEL Refrigerator

Product details PEL Refrigerator Life Pro 6450 - 340L 1.High speed fan feature keeps your food cool all day long. 20%Higher Speed 2.A unique LUMI Fresh technology that uses light to keep your vegetables always fresh. 3.This unique feature keeps your refrigerator fresh and free from unpleasant smells.

Pel Refrigerator Room Size

Product details Pel Refrigerator Room Size PRLP-1400 (6 CFT) Life Series - Grey Model: PRLP-1400 Capacity: 6 Cubic feet Low Voltage start function A unique LUMI Fresh technology